Monday, May 12, 2008

We were invited to come back to Virginia to see London baptised and to be there for hers and Jonas' birthdays. So Bobbie, Great Grandma Putnam and myself flew back and spent 9 days visiting Dave, Sunny and the kids.

While we were back there we got to travel around and see alot of fun, interesting things. We spent a few days just driving through the Shanandoa National Park, the Blue Ridge Mountains and West Virginia. It was beautiful and GREEEEEEEEEN. We had a ball.

While we were there Sunny asked if I would help Dave put Shutters on their house. I had no idea how much of a difference shutters could make!

Dave and Sunnys house BEFORE shutters

Dave and Sunnys house AFTER shutters.

One of the interesting things we got to see was Thomas Jeffersons home Montecello. I was really surprised and excited to see a very large collection of Lewis and Clark items in the entrance foyer.

Bobbie, Sunny, Zeke, Jonas, and Great Grandma Putnam on Jeffersons "back porch".

These guys are English Woods dancers. They only dance on May 1st of each year. This tradition goes back to the 1300s in England. The tradition has never been broken in that entire time.

It was actually kind of funny to watch but the guys doing it were laughing and having a good time.

Of course the real reason we were there was for Londons Baptism. She was a real sweety to us and Great Grandma Putnam. Grandma slept on Londons bottom bunk. London was worried that something was wrong with Grandam because of the "strange noises" that Grandma made while she was sleeping. London would also turn down Grandmas bed every night for her.

London in her Baptism dress.

We had a great time and saw an amazing amount of beautiful scenery and countryside.

Thaks Dave, Sunny and kids for putting us up.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hanging African Trophies

Tyler and Lissy were kind enough to come over after work and help us put up our African tropies and souvenirs. I promised I would post some pictures of them hanging up.

Now we've just got to figure out where to put all of the other stuff we took down.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

African Trophys

Black Wildebeest tail made into African King Fly Swatter.

African Porcupine Quills.

We finally got our trophys from our African Safari. We are really happy with the way they all turned out. John and Cathy Peacock of Taxidermy Africa did a great job of taxidermy and with the shipping. Thanks John and Cathy.
This is a Blesbok. It's an African antelope that weighs about 200 pounds.

This is the Black Wildebeest. It scored high enough for the Safari Club International record book. He is a dandy.

This is a male and female Springbok. I think the plaque in the shape of Africa is way cool.

This is the Zebra. It's a lot bigger than it looks. Tyler is going to help me mount this and the other trophies in a couple of days. I'll post pictures when we get it done.

This is the female Springbok hide. These are beautiful little animals (and they taste good).

I'm going again next year (March, 2009) with the Leavitt brothers from Kamas. I can hardly wait to get back there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sportsmans Expo

I had my friend Dwaine Starr come out to Utah to set up his booth for the Sportsmans Expo. Dwaine is a Professional Hunter for Richard Holmes Safaris in South Africa and a general all-around "International Man of Mystery

Dwaine works for the same place Bobbie and I went last March on Safari. He allowed me to tag along and hang out with him at the booth for 4 days. I had a great time and I thought he did too until he sent me this picture. I know it's hard to tell us apart, but just take a guess which one I am.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Pictures by Karen & Ed at Christmas

Karen and Ed were kind enough to come up and take pictures of our family. It was, and very well may be, the only time we are ever going to be all together at the same time. Thank you Karen and Ed.

Dee and Bobbie

Sunny, Dave, Teancum, Jonas, Ezekiel, London

Zach, Amy, Tyger, and Tatum

Tyler and Lissie

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grouting Update

You have to admit, Tyler did an amazing job of cutting tiles. Look at the great cutting job around the toilet and vent. Bobbie was so impressed that she wants to change his name to "Tiler"!!

Bobbies new heater vent she picked out.

Zach asked me to send some pictures with the grout dry.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Having a "grout time".

Tyler and I got the tiles set on Saturday. When I got home from work today, Bobbie picked out the grout color and I spent the afternoon grouting and then cleaning tiles. It appears that everything went fairly smooth.

I now have to cure the grout for 3 days and then seal it. The grout should dry out to be about the same color as the tile.

In a couple of weeks Tyler and I are going to tackle the other bathroom.